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Large Ruko Le Sphinx Throwing Knives, 3-Pack


This is a 3-pack of a large, heavy throwing knives.  The extended length (almost 14") and heavier weight (almost a full pound!) insure a smooth, consistent rotation.  The lack of a hook at the end of the handle helps with a smooth release:  just loosen your grip and let it slide out of your hand.  It's about 50% thicker than your average throwing knife (0.17" as opposed to the usual 0.13"), which gives your hand more circumference to grip onto, and then there is leather riveted onto each side, creating a handle circumference that is approaching the size of most non-throwing knives.  The blade profile has generous leading and trailing edges, so the knife will still stick in the target if it is under- or over-rotated.  If you watch what the veteran throwers are using, most of them use a larger, heavier knife like this.  This is one of the finest throwing knives that we have ever found, and we're very proud to offer this to our fellow throwing enthusiasts.

This comes as a pack of 3 with a black nylon belt sheath to hold all of them.  These are the measurements for one of the knives:

Knife Length: 13.75"

Blade Length: 8"

Blade Width: 2"

Blade Thickness: 0.17"

Knife Weight: 14.5 oz.

Handle Length: 5.75"

Handle Circumference: 3"

Blade Material: stainless steel