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Marttiini Lynx Basic Skinner Knife, Orange Handle


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This is a great knife for skinning, with its generous belly, textured rubber grip on the handle, and both a guard and pommel hook for superior grip and control.  The orange handle insures it will be easily found if dropped, and the blade features a light etching of the Marttiini signature.  The black leather sheath is stitched up the side and is stamped with the Marttiini logo in gold paint, and features both a belt loop attached by a metal ring, to allow for more flexibility while sitting or crouching, along with a partial insert to protect both the sheath and the hand if the knife is inserted incorrectly.

Knife Length: 8.75"

Blade Length: 4.125"

Blade Width: 0.75"

Blade Thickness: 0.1"

Knife Weight: 3.5 oz.

Handle Length: 4.625"

Pommel: formed rubber

Handle Circumference: 3.25"

Handle Material: formed rubber

Sheathed Weight: 5.5 oz.

Sheathed Length: 9.5"

Belt Loop: 2"

Blade Material: stainless steel