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Mora Hunting Set - Orange

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This is a great combination hunting and butchering set, featuring two knives with carbon steel blades and large, hooked and guarded plastic handles to help you keep a firm grip even when your hands are wet and slippery from butchering.  (Interestingly, the box claims the blades are stainless steel, but the blades themselves are stamped with "hi-carbon, no stain"). 

Everything comes packed in a bright orange plastic pouch with slots for the knives as well as the 7" sharpening steel. The knives in this set are unique, and aren't offered separately. The blades on both are around 5" long, with 5 1/2" handles.  Blade thickness is 0.06" for the slimmer one and it's a bit more flexible than the wider one at 0.08" thick. The slimmer knife would be good for boning, whereas the wider knife would be best suited to butchering and skinning with its broad belly. All in all, it's a great set!