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Mora Bait Knife - 9106UG


You can either fish, or you can use the Mora Bait Knife.  This knife is designed to cut bait.  It features an unusually wide but very thin blade, making it excellent for slicing.  Would also make a good slicing knife for the kitchen.  The handle is large, and features a guard at one end and a hooked pommel at the other, to help you keep your grip when your hands are wet and slippery.  It does not come with a sheath, just a cardboard sleeve to cover the blade.

Knife Length: 9.5"

Blade Length: 4.25"

Blade Width: 1.2"

Blade Thickness: 0.06"

Knife Weight: 4 oz.

Handle Length: 5.25"

Pommel: plastic

Handle Circumference: 3.5"

Handle Material: plastic

Sheathed Weight: 3.8 oz.

Sheathed Length: 9.5"

Belt Loop: 0"

Blade Material: carbon steel