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Mora Companion Black Blade Knife


The Companion Black Blade is an upscale version of Mora's popular Companion series, except everything is black including the stainless steel blade.  The rubberized plastic handle features a guard in front and a hooked pommel in the back, for a more improved grip.  The handle click-locks securely into the plastic sheath, and the sheath clips onto your belt.

Knife Length: 8.5"

Blade Length: 4"

Blade Width: 0.8"

Blade Thickness: 0.09"

Knife Weight: 3 oz.

Handle Length: 4.5"

Pommel: rubberized plastic

Handle Circumference: 3.5"

Handle Material: rubberized plastic

Sheathed Weight: 4 oz.

Sheathed Length: 9.25"

Belt Loop: 1.75"

Blade Material: stainless steel