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Laurin blades are manufactured in Kauhava, Finland, which has a long and rich history of being known for knife making.  Laurin doesn't make knives, just blades, but their blades are used in some of the finest knife manufacturers in Finland.  Blades are sharpened but not polished, and have wider tangs which adds strength to the finished knife.  Carbon steel (0.80%) blades are made from 80CrV2, which is a very popular steel for knife making, often considered as "the best bang for the buck."  Stainless blades are made from X50CrMoV15.

Laurin also makes a line of Progressive Tempered blades, which mimics laminated blades without incurring the added thickness of lamination, resulting in a very sharp, very durable blade that slices better than a laminated blade because it is thinner.  The progressive tempering results in a blade with an edge hardened to 63 Rockwell, with a body that is softer but more durable.  These Progressive Tempered blades will have "PT" in the model number.