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The Strömeng factory is located Karasjok, Norway, far north near the arctic circle.  This area is the traditional homeland of the Sami (Lapplander) people, and the knives certainly reflect that culture.  The knife handles are large and long, and provide a firm grip even when using them with gloves or mittens.  The blades are thin and wide, for both slicing and strength.  These are all-purpose knives, equally suited to the tasks of butchering game, skinning a hide, cutting firewood, woodworking, or other camp tasks.  The Strömeng family began making knives in Karasjok over 200 years ago, and it has been the family tradition for fathers to teach their sons the craft and techniques to continue the family legacy.  The sheathes are in the traditional Scandinavian style, with no snaps or straps to get in the way of accessing the knife immediately, but with a deep pouch design that insures that the knife won't accidentally fall out and be lost.  The knives are quite light for their size, to reduce fatigue from long use.  The carbon steel blades are hardened to 59 Rockwell.