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Knives Made by our Customers

Here are some beautiful knives made by our customers, using blades and fittings from us.

Have you made some knives that you're proud of? Send us some pictures and we'll post them here!

Keith Chapman ( makes beautiful knives using Laurin blades with handles made from stacked layers of pearloid, micarta, maple, and antler. Very nice work!

This customer works with a variety of blades: Mora, Laurin, and Laurin PT:

Here are some very nice knives made with Laurin blades and a handle made from Whitetail antler crown with maccaser ebony, brass and red linen micarta.

Fred DeCicco ( up in Fairbanks, Alaska has produced some of the finest knives we have ever seen. The blades in the first three are Roselli Ultra-High Carbon steel, making them extremely tough and durable. The last two are made from Laurin and Mora blades respectively. The handles are works of art made from birch bark, hardwood and moose antler.

Our customer Nicolas ( makes some very nice-looking folding knives. We don't carry folding knives, but we can sure appreciate the workmanship here!

Our customer John Jacobson does some outstanding work with Laurin blades and handles made from stacked layers of birch bark. You can follow him on Instagram: @flute_reed_ovens . We love the look of a layered/stacked handle, it's a technique that has such beautiful results!

The first knife in this collection was made using a Laurin PT 95 blade, which is a progressive tempered metal that combines high strength with superior hardness (the sheath is from us too):

W. Lanham makes some very attractive knives, this guy has really got some talent!

Our customer Lee made a small neck knife using a Mora Classic #1 blade, and some walnut, pecan, and pine wood. What a neat little knife!

Check out this fantastic knife made by one of our customers, using a Laurin 95mm blade with a hammered finish. That hammered look really makes this an eye-catching knife!

Greg Lewis has discovered a great combination: antlers and Mora blades!

Take a look at these gorgeous knives made by Mark Messens of Messens Handmade Knives in Chesterfield, Michigan:

Here is a great little carving knife made by Doug Dahlin (

This collection was made by David Byrd from A. Rose Leather and Knife Company, in Ridgeland, MS. If you're interested in purchasing knives like these, you can contact him at