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Supplies for Knife Making

 Knife created by customer

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Knife making supplies for sale, blades, ferrules, bolsters, butt caps, butt plates

Creating your own knife can be a very rewarding experience. To start, the art of knife making requires a quality blade. Traditionally, knife making artisans prefer a high carbon steel knife making blade because it contains a robust amount of carbon in the steel which provides toughness, strength, edge-holding, and resistance to corrosion. Knives of the North carries an assortment of knives in varying steels: High Carbon Steel blades, Ultra High Carbon Steel blades, Laminated Carbon Steel blades, Progressive Tempered Carbon Steel blades, and Stainless Steel blades.

Knife making allows the knife crafter creative freedom in choosing particular materials for handles, the most popular being wood or animal antlers. Experienced wood carvers can create intricate and unique handles for their custom-made knives. If you’re seeking inspiration, check out the knives some of our customers have created. The knife shown above was created by our customer, Keith Chapman (ntxrecycles@gmail.com).

To complete a knife makers kit, Knives of the North carries an assortment of ferrules, bolsters, butt caps, and butt plates. For safely, protection and design, our collection of handmade sheathes completes the package. 

Knives of the North sells superior high-carbon steel knife blades and knife making supplies, which can be used to create your own custom knife. Our high carbon steel blades are also an excellent choice when replacing the blade in an existing knife.