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Roselli Knives

Roselli Knives

Roselli knives are designed by Heimo Roselli, who began making knives in 1976 and researched ancient bladesmithing techniques to rediscover the secret for making ultra-high-carbon steel.  Flawlessly handcrafted in Finland, the Roselli knives are highly functional with little to no extra polish.  The sheathes are the traditional Scandinavian deep pouch style, with plastic inserts to protect both the sheath and the hand, which is essential when working with a blade this  sharp.  The non-UHC knives are made from carbon steel (0.7%-0.8%) and are hardened to 59-62 Rockwell, which is already harder than many other carbon steel blades on the market.  The Ultra-High-Carbon knives (the knives with "UHC" in the name) have a carbon content of 1.5%-2.0%, and are hardened to 66-68 Rockwell, making them some of the toughest knives available.

The quality of Roselli has been independently tested many times, and the UHC is internationally recognized as the hardest steel in any modern knife, unmatched compared to any other premium brand on Earth.

Roselli knives are great choices for camping, cooking, hunting, and unique gifts!  

Nothing is left to chance, nothing is mass-produced, and nothing gets approved that isn't flawless. Find your flawlessly handcrafted Roselli knife today at Knives of the North.