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Best Axes for Camping

 Best Axes for Camping, closeup of campfire

Don't Let a Wimpy Axe Ruin Your Camping Adventure

Best axes for camping

Camping and other outdoor activities require tools that can stand up to serious outdoor tasks such as building a fire, making a shelter, clearing a trail, and other outdoor essentials. Knives of the North sells high quality Scandinavian axes for camping that are up for any heavy-duty outdoor task requiring serious muscle.

High quality strong steel, sharp edges, and handles that offer a firm grip are important requirements of an axe built for camping. Knives of the North carries camping axes for sale that are of the highest quality, enabling you to choose the best camping axe that can handle any sort of chopping.

All our Scandinavian axes feature thick and strong blades made of high-quality steel with strong edges. A popular axe for camping and the outdoors is the Mora Outdoor Axe, which is a great combination of form and functionality. The head is uniform thickness and the lighter plastic handle gives the axe a balanced feel. The Marttiini Camping Axe is built for its namesake – camping. This is a serious, heavyweight, heavy-duty axe perfectly suited for serious chopping. A must-have for a camping adventure deep in the woods. The Roselli Axe is a superior example of an effective wood cutting tool for a serious camping adventure or day camping at the cottage.

Whatever your axe need is, Knives of the North sells Scandinavian axes by Roselli, Mora and Marttiini who make the best axes for camping.

Knives of the North also offers many variations and brands of Scandinavian knives: Puuko knives, Järvenpää knives, Brisa knives, Marttiini knives, Ahti knives, Condor knives, Mora knives, Roselli knives, Strømeng knives, River Traders knives, and Wood Jewel Knives.

We’re confident you’ll find the perfect camping axe that is a solid accompaniment for your next camping adventure.