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Best Throwing Axes


best throwing axes

A Sport Gaining in Popularity - Axe Throwing

Best throwing axes

If you like the sound of the best throwing axe hitting its target, then you’ll love what Knives of the North has to offer with their throwing axes. If you’re throwing indoors or outdoors, you’ll appreciate the quality that is in each axe design. Built specifically to represent historic axes that were used throughout history, Knives of the North offers eleven famous axe designs including, Apache Tomahawk, British Belt Axe, Iroquois Axe, Lady French Axe, Mousehawk Axe, Norse War Axe, Octagon Tomahawk Axe, Viking Bearded Axe, Viking Shipbuilders Axe, Viking Tomahawk Axe, and Woodland Axe.

Take your axe throwing to a new level with these well-balanced throwing axes. Knives of the North has a reputation as a supplier of high-end knives and axes, so you can be assured that you are buying your best throwing axe from the most respected seller in the business.

We are confident that you will be pleased with your new throwing axe and will enjoy countless fun times whether you are throwing indoors, outdoors or at tournaments.