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Bolsters for Knife Making

 Brass bolsters and nickel bolsters for knife making

Nickel and Brass Bolsters - Sturdy and Durable

Brass and nickel bolsters for knife making

Bolsters are an important component in knife making. A knife bolster assists with knife balance and control. Since the handle is lighter than the blade, the bolster offers more weight, thus balancing out the knife. A bolster can be used between the handle and the knife blade, which provides a smooth transition from the blade to the handle. A bolster also strengthens a knife, adds durability and provides a counterbalance.

In knife making, or simply replacing a bolster on a knife, a quality bolster is an important part of a knife. When handling a knife, the job of the bolster is evident as it allows for better handling of the knife and evenly distributes the weight, making knife control and use much easier.

Knife making craftsmen have a wide selection of high-quality brass or nickel bolsters when shopping at Knives of the North. Our sturdy brass and nickel bolsters can also be used to fix a knife and come in many sizes to accommodate various blade sizes.

Knives of the North sells brass and nickel bolsters by Laurin.