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Bushcraft Knives by Strømeng

 Strømeng Bushcraft Knives for sale at Knives of the North

Built for Whatever the Wilderness Requires

Stromeng bushcraft knives

Manufactured near the Arctic Circle in Karasjok, Norway, Strømeng bushcraft knives reflect the culture of the Sami (Lapplander) people who are indigenous to Scandinavia.

Wilderness survival, or bushcraft, requires the highest quality bushcraft knife available. Strømeng bushcraft knives are all-purpose knives well suited for various wilderness camping tasks such as butchering game, skinning a hide, cutting firewood, and woodworking. The Strømeng bushcraft knives for sale at Knives of the North come with leather sheathes that are distinguishable by the beautiful stamped and stained artwork. Some include an attractive Strømeng logo fabric flag.

The design of the Strømeng bushcraft knives is well thought out. The Strømeng Samekniv 5” Fingerguard Knife is a superb hunting knife with a finger guard that makes it safer to thrust without worrying about your fingers. The Strømeng Samekniv 8” Fingerguard Knife, originally designed for the Norwegian military, has a blackened carbon steel blade and also features a large finger guard. When heavy-duty chopping or cutting is in order, the Strømeng Samekniv 9” Old Fashion Knife can answer the call of duty. Designed in a more traditional Scandinavian style, it has a blackened carbon steel blade and tar stained large handle. Sometimes a good team is needed for a variety or bushcraft duties. The Strømeng Double Leuku and Puukko Knife is a great combo team with a smaller puukko for small camp chores and whittling and a larger leuku more suited for butchering, skinning, chopping and heavy-duty camp tasks. Both conveniently fit into the same sheath.

At Knives of the North, we are dedicated to providing the best bushcraft knives by Strømeng. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect Strømeng bushcraft knife to accompany you on your bushcraft adventures.