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Knives for LARP Live Action Role Playing

 Knives for LARP - Live Action Role Playing

When Authenticity Matters

Knives for LARP

Live Action Role Playing, or LARP, is gaining popularity worldwide with a focus on the Medieval, Viking, Buckskinner, Revolutionary War, and Civil War periods, just to name a few. Authenticity of the character’s wardrobe and accessories is important to achieve the full effect of the interactive experience.

The knives used during those periods have been expertly recreated and Knives of the North has a large selection of knives that would be appropriate for LARP. For example, River Traders manufacturers knives that are excellent reproductions of the types of knives that were prevalent during the American Colonial period, thus would be a good choice for LARP focusing on the Revolutionary War, Civil War and Buckskinner themes.

Axes are also popular accessories used for authenticity. Viking axes were crafted for building and as common weapons and were specifically designed for such usage. Knives of the North sells a variety of Viking LARP axes that function well for building a boat or stealing one! These modern-day Viking era replicas, such as the Viking Bearded Axe, are often used in contemporary axe throwing.

The LARP knives and axes for sale at Knives of the North are crafted to superior quality standards. Our Scandinavian knives are suitable for many LARP genres, whether fantasy or historical, such as Viking reenactments or Medieval reenactments. All the Scandinavian knives and Scandinavian axes sold at Knives of the North feature blades made of high-quality steel and most with beautiful and practical sheathes. Our knives are authentic and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Knives of the North features a large selection of Scandinavian knives: Järvenpää knives, Brisa knives, Marttiini knives, Ahti knives, Condor Knives, River Traders knives, Roselli knives, Strømeng knives, and Mora knives.

We’re confident you’ll find the perfect LARP knife or axe to enhance your live action role playing adventure!