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Heino Lauri founded a metal company in 1918 which was formally known by the name Heino Lauri and partners. Since the late 1970s the company name has been Laurin Metalli Oy.

The CEO is currently Timo Lauri. It was his grandfather Heino Lauri who originally founded the company, followed by his father Jouko Lauri. Now already the fourth generation is working in the factory, Timo´s and Anne´s son Juhani Lauri and Soile´s and Lasse´s daughter Outi Kamppila.

Laurin Metalli Oy is located in Kauhava, Finland. They are specialized in manufacturing of knife blades, knife bolsters and other parts.

All the products are 100% made in Finland. Their carbon steel blades are made from 80CrV2, heat treated to 59-60 HRC. Induction hardened(from the cutting edge) blades are also made from 80CrV2 steel and they are specially made to an edge hardness of 63 HRC. Stainless steel blades are made from X50CrMoV15 and heat treated to 57-58 HRC.

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