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Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife

Mora bushcraft survival knife, bald eagle flying in the mist

Survive and Thrive!

Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife

The definition of Bushcraft, as sited by Wikipedia, is “the use and practice of skills, thereby acquiring and developing knowledge and understanding, in order to survive and thrive in a natural environment. Bushcraft skills therefore provide for the basic physiological necessities for human life: food (through foraging, tracking, hunting, trapping, fishing), water sourcing and purification, shelter-building, and fire craft. These may be supplemented with expertise in twine-making, knots and lashings, wood-carving, campcraft, medicine/health, natural navigation, and tool and weapon making.” Pretty serious stuff that deserves a pretty serious survival tool.

Mora has crafted a line of bushcraft survival knives that are a superior bushcraft knife combination. Both the blackened carbon steel blade and stainless steel blade versions feature hard squared edges on the back of the blade for use with fire steel. Handily, a fire steel slides into a specially designed slot on the top of the sheath. Attached to the side of the sheath for sharpening is a diamond plate. Very handy tool, indeed. The sheath can attach to a belt loop or pack by its two methods of attachment:  a loop on a swivel, or a clip.

The Mora Bushcraft Survival Black Knife features an excellent carbon steel blade, with a blackened coating and hard squared edges. The Mora Bushcraft Survival Orange Knife and the Mora Bushcraft Survival Desert Knife versions feature a durable stainless blade.

Another masterful survival tool by Mora is the Mora Bushcraft Pathfinder Knife. At almost a foot long, this tool is a serious, large, heavy-duty bushcraft knife! The one-inch-wide-plus carbon steel blade is blackened to prevent reflections and corrosion. Built to get the job done, its nylon sheath is also compatible with MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), which is a standard defined for use by many NATO militaries.

Another useful bushcraft survival tool is the Mora Bushcraft Black Tactical Serrated Multi-Mount Knife. This solid, serious tactical survival knife has a heavy-duty stainless steel blade with a partially serrated edge for quickly cutting through rope or brush. The ergonomic handle is rubberized providing a sticky grip. The sheath for this knife also features the MOLLE multi-mount system.

Mora is one of the most popular bushcraft knife brands, but Knives of the North also sells other Scandinavian bushcraft knives: Mora knives, Järvenpää knives, Brisa knives, Marttiini knives, Ahti knives, Condor knives, Roselli knives, Strømeng knives, River Traders knives, and Wood Jewel knives.