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Scandinavian Knives by Marttiini

 Scandinavian Knives by Marttiini

Handcrafted in Rovaniemi, Finland

Scandinavian Knives by Marttiini

Knives of the North sells high quality Scandinavian knives by several manufacturers. One of which is Marttiini from Finland. Marttiini has manufactured knives in Rovaniemi, Finland since 1928.

Marttiini’s knives for sale at Knives of the North tend to try to strike a balance between beauty, functionality, and ease of sharpening. This design is a work of art, and the blades are still quite tough; they hold an edge very well.

Most of the handles are made with sturdy curly birch, either left natural, stained, or lacquered, but Marttiini also crafts handles in modern materials such as rubberized plastic. Reindeer antlers, purchased from local reindeer herders, are another unique handle material.

As a company, sustainability is important to Marttiini. The Marttiini company puts words into action by focusing on quality products with a long life cycle; transparency and honesty in developing new ideas and points of view; taking daily actions to be more sustainable; and reducing emissions. But quality, innovation, and beauty are never sacrificed. 

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