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Viking Throwing Axes

 Viking throwing axes, viking wielding an axe

Built to Throw and Built to Work

Viking Throwing Axes, three styles

Vikings may have been preoccupied with survival and battle, and most likely did not partake in axe throwing as a sport or competition, but the Viking throwing axes for sale at Knives of the North are impressive replicas of the era. Made from tough 410 stainless steel, these Viking throwing axes are well-weighted for throwing yet are still very useful for hammering and practical hatchet work.

A heavier axe, the Viking Tomahawk Axe is well suited for longer-distance throwing. The longer edge provides a better chance of sticking it in a target. From a styling standpoint, the “ears” on the head are more traditional. A flat spot on the back of the head makes this a useful Viking throwing axe for hammering or pounding. The Viking Shipbuilders Axe is a heavy-duty axe that can equally help build a boat or steal one from neighbors! This Viking throwing axe also features a solid back for hammering. The Viking Bearded Axe is one that makes quite an impression with its strong profile. A reproduction of examples excavated in Gotland, Sweden, this Viking throwing axe is fun to throw, but is equally suited to cut wood.

Knives of the North carries quality Viking throwing axes that are built for both competitive fun and work. When not being used for throwing, our quality-crafted leather axe sheathes keep fingers safe and are customized for specific throwing axes. Replacement throwing axe handles can also be purchased at Knives of the North.