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Wood Jewel knives are made in the far north of Finland, north of the arctic circle, in the small town of Kolari, Finland. Kauko Raatiniemi designs the knives to be beautiful as well as highly functional, using the traditional materials of curly birch wood and reindeer antler. Each knife is a beautiful and unique work of art. The sheaths also closely follow Scandinavian tradition, with a deep-pouch design and a twisted leather thong which lets the sheath swing freely and not get in the way. The sheathes also contain a small plastic insert to prevent these very sharp blades from slicing through the sheath and into your hand. Knives of the North offers a wide selection of Wood Jewel knives that knife collectors, survivalists, and traditionalists alike can appreciate.

The Wood Jewel web site can be found here. They offer other custom-crafted camping supplies, but their main focus is knives. They have many different models. They source their knife blades from Laurin Metalli of Finland, which allows them to focus exclusively on the design of the handles and sheathes, which is where the real art and beauty comes out.

Wood Jewel knives are very popular with bushcrafters, and many video reviews are available for these outstanding products. Here are a few video reviews:

Here is a brief video of the Wood Jewel Bear Leuku with Engraving

Here is a brief video of the Wood Jewel Bear Leuku with Guard (23KLSS)

Here is a brief video of the Wood Jewel Leuku / Puukko Set

Here is a brief video of the Wood Jewel Northern Lights Knife

Here is a brief video of the Wood Jewel Suomi Finland Anniversary Knife

Here's a short promotional video produced by Wood Jewel.

This is a brief tour of the Wood Jewel factory.

Review of the 23V10

Reviewe of the 23LL Leuku + Puukko Combination

Review of the hefty and sturdy 23LE Big Leuku

Review of the beautiful and functional 23FP fillet knife

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