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Ahti Metsapuukko Knife


The Metsa ("Forest") is a medium-sized knife suited for a variety of light- and medium-duty tasks, or as an all-around utility knife.  This version has a carbon steel blade.  The handle is shaped into a hook at the pommel to provide more grip during draw cuts.

Knife Length: 8"

Blade Length: 3.75"

Blade Width: 0.75"

Blade Thickness: 0.12"

Knife Weight: 2.9 oz.

Handle Length: 4.5"

Pommel: tang end with brass nut

Handle Circumference: 3.5"

Handle Material: stained curly birch

Sheathed Weight: 4.3"

Sheathed Length: 9"

Belt Loop: 2.5"

Blade Material: 0.8% high carbon steel, hardened to 59 Rockwell

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