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British Belt Axe


This is a great replica of an American Revolutionary War axe pattern.  It's a stout, working head with a flattened back for hammering.  The relatively shortened head will give this axe a quicker rotation when thrown.  Made from tough 410 stainless steel with a HRC of 38-45.  

If you're using this axe for throwing, you should pick up some spare handles. The replacement handle for this axe is the teardrop style. Axe comes sharpened.

Here are the measurements for this axe:

Axe Length: 18 inches

Axe Edge Length: 3.5 inches

Axe Head Width: 5.75 inches

Axe Head Thickness: 1.25 inches

Axe Weight: 22.75 ounces

Handle Circumference: 3.25 inches