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Lady French Axe


This style of axe, also called a Francesca, can be traced back to numerous locations in early-period Great Britain and France.  The upswept profile alters the balance and makes this axe rotate more quickly when thrown, making this a favorite in competitions because it allows the thrower to stand closer to the target.  With most other throwing axes, the thrower gets a full rotation from between 15 and 17 feet, but this axe will give a full rotation from 11-12 feet.  You can also hold it backwards (with the edge facing towards you), stand at the 10-foot line and lean way over, and stick it in the target with a half-rotation.  Made from tough 410 stainless steel with a HRC of 38-45.

If you're using this axe for throwing, you should pick up some spare handles. The replacement handle for this axe is the oval style. Axe comes sharpened.

We now carry high-quality leather sheathes custom-designed for this axe.

Here are the measurements for this axe:

Axe Length: 18 inches

Axe Edge Length: 4 inches

Axe Head Width: 5.5 inches

Axe Head Thickness: 0.25 inches

Axe Weight: 23 ounces

Handle Circumference: 3 inches