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Mora Woodcarving Hook 164S Right-Handed Knife


This is an excellent quality wood carving "hook knife," for use in carving spoons, bowls, or any type of concave detailing.  The curve is more aggressive on this knife, for carving deeper impressions.  The stainless steel blade is only sharp on one side, so it can only be used with the right hand.  The large, round handle provides a solid gripping surface.  The tang is visible at the pommel, meaning you can apply a lot of force and this knife will hold together.  Also, the dull back of the blade makes a good pressure point for applying more force without risk of injury.  It does not come with a sheath.

Knife Length: 6.25"

Blade Length: 2"

Blade Width: 0.35"

Blade Thickness: 0.05"

Knife Weight: 1.75 oz.

Handle Length: 4.25"

Pommel: bare wood

Handle Circumference: 3.5"

Handle Material: bare wood with tang end

Blade Material: stainless steel