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Roselli Japanese Cook's Knife


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This medium-sized kitchen knife, inspired by Japanese craftsmanship, is perfect for slicing and dicing in style.

The blade, forged from high-quality carbon steel, offers exceptional sharpness and durability. Its slightly narrower profile, compared to our Small Chef Knife, enhances its precision, making it adept at cutting delicate slices of meat and fish, while the added weight ensures powerful, effortless cuts.

Comes with a nicely crafted leather sheath.

Crafted, sharpened and perfected by hand in Harmoinen, Finland.

Each product is unique. Patterns and texture of natural materials can vary.

Knife Length: 11.5"

Blade Length: 6.75"

Blade Width: 1.7"

Blade Thickness: 0.07"

Knife Weight: 4.6 oz.

Handle Length: 4.5"

Pommel: natural curly birch

Handle Circumference: 3.25"

Handle Material: natural curly birch

Sheathed Weight: 6 oz.

Sheathed Length: 12"

Belt Loop: 0"

Blade Material: high carbon steel (0.7% - 0.8%), hardened to Rockwell 59 - 62