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Woodland Axe


This is the lightest style of axe that we carry (aside from the children's tomahawk), weighing in at just over one pound with the handle.  The straight flat top of the axe head creates a nice sharp 90 degree angle where it meets the edge, which makes this axe easy to consistently stick in even harder targets, if you over-rotate it slightly. The head is also exceptionally narrow, which also contributes to the ease of sticking it into a target as the angle of the edge isn't as aggressive as some of the other axe styles.

If you're using this axe for throwing, you should pick up some spare handles. The replacement handle for this axe is the oval style. Axe comes sharpened.

We now carry high-quality leather sheathes custom-designed for this axe.

Here are the measurements for this axe:

Axe Length: 18 inches

Axe Edge Length: 2.75 inches

Axe Head Width: 6 inches

Axe Head Thickness: 0.25 inches

Axe Weight: 17 ounces

Handle Circumference: 3 inches