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Axe Throwing Competition Axes for Sale

 Axe Throwing Competition Axes for Sale, axe in wooden bullseye

Throwing Axes Built for Competition and Fun

Axe throwing competition axes for sale featuring leather sheaths

Whether you’re throwing axes in a backyard for competitive fun with friends or throwing axes in a more competitive axe throwing club or bar, Knives of the North has your axe. 

Knives of the North has a selection of throwing knives suitable for beginners and experts alike. Weighing in at just over one pound, the Woodland Axe is a good solution for a beginner or someone who prefers a lighter axe. The shape of this axe makes it easy to consistently stick in the target, which can build confidence for beginners. For those not comfortable with a larger axe but still want to enjoy some competition, the Mousehawk Axe is a smaller, lighter axe and just as much fun. Satisfying someone well established in axe throwing competition, or an axe thrower who likes a heavier throwing axe, the Viking Tomahawk Axe is one of the heaviest stocked by Knives of the North. Its long edge makes this throwing axe well suited for longer-distance throwing.

For those who like to make a memorable impression at axe throwing competitions, the Viking Bearded Axe will turn heads. Its hook-like profile is a good reproduction of axes excavated in Gotland, Sweden. A more subtle artistic throwing axe, the decorative Iroquois Axe has flowing scrollwork along the head. Don’t be fooled by its beauty, this throwing axe will make a statement in any axe throwing competition - in style.

Whatever the level of competition, Knives of the North has your competition throwing axe for sale. Saving fingers and looking great, we also carry beautifully crafted leather sheathes custom fit for each throwing axe model. Axe throwing competitions can take a toll on an axe, so replacement throwing axe handles are available for purchase at Knives of the North.

Main photo courtesy of A.C.E Target Sports, Isle of Skye.