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Bushcraft Knives by Järvenpää

 Bushcraft Knives by Jarvenpaa

Traditional Bushcraft Knives with a Rich History

Bushcraft Knives by Järvenpää

Järvenpää bushcraft knives are traditional, classic bushcraft knives. Founded in 1879, the Iisakki Järvenpää Company is the largest manufacturer of knives in Kauhava, Finland which is a town long recognized for its rich history of knife making.

Wilderness survival, or bushcraft, requires the highest quality bushcraft knife available. Järvenpää bushcraft knives are manufactured in a stringent environment when each knife is 100% sourced from the same manufacturer. The parts are designed and created to work together seamlessly as a whole. Each blade is a bit unique, a result of each blade being ground individually. Finland has long cultivated a strong culture of the outdoors and Järvenpää sheaths are stamped with images of reindeer and forests creating beautiful works of sheath art.

Speaking of art, the Järvenpää Leuku Stainless Knife features a stainless steel blade inscribed with the Iisakki Järvenpää signature. Not be taken lightly, this blade is strong and serious enough to be well suited for butchering game, building shelter, skinning and chopping wood. Equally built for heavy-duty tasks in the outdoors, the Järvenpää Leuku Carbon Steel Knife features a handle built from curly birch with flared pommel to prevent slipping. The strong carbon steel blade is inscribed with the Iisakki Järvenpää signature as well. Double the goodness, the Järvenpää Puukko and Leuku Combination Stainless Steel Knife combines a smaller puukko knife suited for small camp chores and carving with a larger leuku knife ready for butchering and chopping. Both stainless steel knives fit nicely into one sheath stamped with artwork. A similar set with blades made of blackened carbon steel, the Järvenpää Puukko and Leuku Combination Carbon Steel Knife set is another wise choice for the outdoor enthusiast.

At Knives of the North, we are dedicated to providing the best bushcraft knives by Järvenpää. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect Järvenpää bushcraft knife that enhances your bushcraft adventures.