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Chef's Knives from Finland

 Chef's knives from Finland, Roselli and Marttiini. Chef chopping vegetables

Centuries of Finnish Quality in Every Blade

Chef's knives from Finland, Roselli minnow knife and general knife

Finland has a centuries-long reputation for fostering the craft of superb knife making. This expertise includes the category of kitchen chef’s knives. One of the, if not THE, most important tools in the kitchen for novice and experienced chef’s alike is the knife. The right knife for any kitchen task requires a strong, sharp blade and comfortable handle. The chef’s knives from Finland sold at Knives of the North feature blades made of ultra-high carbon steel, making them some of the toughest knives available. Handles are primarily manufactured from curly birch wood coated with linseed oil ensuring a firm grip, even when wet. Knives of the North carries a varied selection of chef’s knives from Finland fit for any cooking activity: paring, peeling, filleting, boning, chopping, cutting, and general all-purpose knives.

For delicate paring and peeling, the Roselli UHC (Ultra High Carbon) Beet, or Root Crop, Knife is crafted particularly well for root vegetables, but is also a useful tool for all sorts of peeling. For precise carving around chicken, lamb, and pork bones, the Roselli UHC Fillet Knife is a classic fillet knife perfectly suited for boning. Designed for filleting fish but well suited for many uses, is the Roselli UHC Minnow Knife. This knife can also accompany a fishing trip for lake-side prepping as it floats! A beautiful, classic carving knife, the Marttiini Martef Carving Knife is in a class all its own with a blade coated with Martef, a titanium-based slippery non-stick coating similar to Teflon. This coating reduces drag and friction making slicing a breeze. When not in use, this knife can be safely tucked into its leather sheath emblazoned with a Marttiini logo in gold ink. The Roselli UHC Cook’s Knife is an all-around chef’s knife designed to be a general work horse in the kitchen with its light and thin design. With a slightly narrower blade than the Cook’s Knife, the Roselli UHC General Knife is popular with both beginners and pros as a general purpose kitchen tool. For safe keeping and protection, Roselli knives all come with beautiful birch storage blocks.

Knives of the North sells the best chef’s knives from Finland: Roselli knives and Marttiini knives.