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Mora Fishing Knives For Sale

 Mora knives for sale, trout in stream with Mora knife

Quality Fishing Knives from Sweden

Fishing knives made by Mora

Most fishermen will attest to the fact that a quality fishing knife sure makes a day of fishing go smoother and allows for more time for fun. At Knives of the North, we carry quality Scandinavian fishing knives with a large selection of Mora fishing knives for sale. Handcrafted in Sweden, Mora fishing knives are renowned for their functionality and durability. The characteristics of the knife blade is the main focus of a Mora knife – high quality, design and sharpness. All of these features are intrinsic in their fishing knives.

The workhorse of fillet knives, the Mora Fishing Comfort 155 Knife with its thin, semi-flexible stainless steel blade and razor-sharp edge, is built for precision cleaning and filleting. This concept is even carried through to the plastic skeleton-style sheath that is designed to be easily cleaned and rinsed. 

The Mora Fishing Comfort 098 Scaler Knife combines two knives in one – a razor-sharp stainless steel blade with a fish scaler on the back of the blade. For a secure grip, the handle is made of rubberized plastic with a finger guard and hooked pommel. This one knife could be all you need to clean your catch. 

The Mora Flex Stainless Steel Knife features an unusually thin and flexible blade making this an efficient tool for filleting and boning. The shorter blade is an advantage for precise carving.

Don’t fear dropping a knife in the water! The Mora Floating Serrated Knife has a cork handle which makes this knife very light and floatable. When dropped in water, the knife will float pommel up and the bright orange pommel is easy to spot, even in low light.

And that’s not all. Knives of the North sells more Mora Scandinavian fishing knives. We’re confident we’ll have the best Mora fishing knife that enhances all your fishing adventures.