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Roselli Heimo Bushcraft Knife

 Roselli Heimo Bushcraft Knife, chipmunk eating berries on tree branch

Ultra High Carbon Steel. Ultra High Performance.

Roselli Heimo Bushcraft Knife, fire steel and leather sheath

Heimo Roselli believed a good knife is meant to be used for a long time. As a testament to this belief, Roselli researched ancient bladesmithing techniques to rediscover the secret for making ultra-high-carbon steel. The quality of Roselli steel has been independently tested many times, and the UHC is internationally recognized as the hardest steel in any modern knife, unmatched compared to any other premium brand on Earth. How’s that for quality?

Since 1976, some of the best handmade Finnish knives in the world have been manufactured by Roselli, including those built for thriving and surviving in the wild. The knife crafters at Roselli understand how crucial it is to have a knife that can handle all bushcraft tasks and they’ve answered the call with the Roselli Heimo 4” Bushcraft Knife

This full tang bushcraft knife is ready to take on whatever needs to be done to tackle the activities and challenges of the outdoors. The carbon steel blade offers superior durability, which makes this knife a big hit for bushcraft and the outdoors. The linseed oil coated handle ensures a firm grip, even when wet and looks beautiful as well. The dark tanned Finnish leather sheath features a metal spring which keeps the knife secured.

The Roselli Heimo 4” Knife Bushcraft with Firesteel is the same knife with a fire steel included that sits tightly in its own sleeve on the side of the leather sheath.

Another addition to the Roselli bushcraft line is the Roselli Big Leuku 7” Knife which is a large, heavy knife that works and feels like a blend of axe and machete. A very handy bushcraft knife for the wild, the Big Leuku is a traditional tool of Lapland’s reindeer keepers and hut builders.

The Roselli Small Leuku 5” Knife is a bit smaller and lighter than the 7” Big Leuku, but it’s still a very versatile wilderness tool. With a blade of forged carbon steel, this knife is an impressive super tool ready for any job thrown at it. In fact, the Leuku is the traditional camp knife of the Sami, who are indigenous to the far northern region of Scandinavia. If it was good enough for the Sami, it should be more than good enough for the modern day bushcrafter.

Roselli knives are crafted, sharpened and perfected by hand in Harmoinen, Finland and are very popular bushcraft knives. Knives of the North also sells other Scandinavian bushcraft knives: Mora knives, Järvenpää knives, Brisa knives, Marttiini knives, Ahti knives, Condor knives, Roselli knives, Strømeng knives, River Traders knives, and Wood Jewel knives.