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Axes for Axe Throwing

 Axes for axe throwing, man throwing axe

Ready. Aim. Throw. Celebrate!

Throwing axes in bullseye target

Axe throwing is an activity that is rapidly growing in popularity. There are a lot of theories out there, but it is believed the first axe-throwing activities were held by the frontiersman of North America. Early American settlers, the loggers and lumberjacks of the 1800s, allegedly held the first axe-throwing competitions in trading towns. However, origins of axe throwing as a sport can be traced to the Loggersports of the 1940s.

Earliest history of throwing axes reveal they have been used since prehistoric times and were developed into the Francisca (featuring an arch shaped head) in the 3rd century AD. Overall, axes had been used as weapons from Antiquity to the Middle Ages by foot soldiers. The axe was an essential fighting tool (and survival tool) of the Vikings, but not necessarily used in throwing competitions. Early Native Americans used tomahawks in hand-to-hand combat, but not for axe throwing activities.

No matter what the origins, today axe throwing is a fast-growing sport in backyards, axe-throwing facilities and tournaments.

Knives of the North has a rich assortment of axes for axe throwing. The British Belt Axe is a great replica of an American Revolutionary War axe pattern. The somewhat shortened head gives this axe a quicker rotation when thrown. A great reproduction of late-period Native American tomahawks, The Apache Tomahawk Axe is made from tough stainless steel and features a curved edge profile. The Lady French Axe, or Francesca, can be traced back to early-period Great Britain and France. Its upswept profile makes this axe rotate more quickly when thrown, allowing the thrower to stand closer to the target. As a result, this is often a favorite throwing axe in competitions. The hefty design of the Viking Bearded Axe is inspired by examples excavated in Gotland, Sweden and will turn heads when taken out for an axe throwing event.

Knives of the North carries a wide selection of indoor and outdoor throwing axes that are built for competitive fun! When not being used as a throwing axe, our quality-crafted leather axe sheathes keep fingers safe and are customized for specific throwing axes. Replacement throwing axe handles can also be purchased at Knives of the North.

Photos are courtesy of A.C.E Target Sports, Isle of Skye