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Best Fillet and Boning Knives

 Best fillet and boning knives, platter of chicken, lamb, beef kabobs

When Precision Carving Counts

Best fillet and boning knives by Roselli and Marttiini

Filleting and boning fish, chicken, lamb or other game requires a strong, sharp, and in some instances flexible, knife. These particular knives need to stay sharp to effectively carve and glide. Knives of the North carries a varied assortment of boning knives that feature UHC (Ultra High Carbon) steel blades and handles made of curly birch coated with linseed oil to avoid slippage, even when wet. Our classic fillet knives are manufactured with flexible stainless steel blades and textured rubberized plastic which offers a solid grip.

Knives of the North carries a large selection of premium fillet knives specifically designed for boning meat and filleting fish. The Roselli UHC Fillet Knife is a classic fillet knife perfectly suited for boning and is designed for precision when carving around chicken, lamb, and pork bones. Designed for filleting fish but well suited for many uses, is the Roselli UHC Minnow Knife. This knife can also accompany a fishing trip for lake-side prepping as it floats! A heavy-duty fillet knife, the Roselli UHC Bigfish Knife can handle larger fish, but also doubles for slicing bread, meat and vegetables. Built with function at the forefront, the Marttiini Martef Salmon Fillet 7.5” Blade Knife is ideal for making sharp turns while filleting fish with its exceptionally slender blade. This blade is coated with Martef, a titanium-based slippery non-stock coating similar to Teflon, enabling a smooth slice. Fillet with confidence with the Marttiini Condor Golden Trout Fillet 9” Blade Knife. The guard and a hooked pommel safeguards against the knife slipping. In a busy kitchen, the surprisingly light Järvenpää Fillet Knife Eemeli and may reduces hand and wrist fatigue when using for a long time. A unique feature, this knife has a curly birch handle that is cut with flat edges, giving it a rectangular profile that provides a secure grip.  

Specifically designed for the tasks at hand, Knives of the North sells the best fillet knives and boning knives from Roselli, Marttiini, Mora, Wood Jewel, and Järvenpää.