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Best Kitchen Knives to Gift a Chef

 Bet kitchen knives to gift a chef. Chef plating greens

Gifts for the Chef Who Has Everything

Best kitchen knives to gift a chef

There are so many choices when shopping for a gift for a chef. At Knives of the North, we make choosing easy. When looking for the best kitchen knives to gift a chef, our vast selection of Scandinavian-made kitchen and fillet knives showcase sturdy and durable blades made from UHC (Ultra High Carbon) steel and stainless steel. All beautifully designed, some feature blades etched with art, manufacturer signatures or logos. Handles vary from curly birch to texturized rubber, all providing a firm grip. Leather sheathes and birch storage blocks keep your knives safe while looking good on the countertop.

A unique knife that makes a strong statement on the countertop and on the cutting board is the Roselli Eskimo Knife. This traditional Eskimo chef knife is a versatile general knife and a fun tool for a skilled chef. The curved carbon steel blade encourages a rolling motion for slicing and cutting. Taking inspiration from Japan, this high-edged, universal chef knife, the Roselli Littlecook Knife, is ideal for chopping vegetables and cutting meat. With a wide blade made of forged carbon steel, this knife is also ideal for scooping. Clean design and functional, Roselli knives come with birch storage blocks that are a nice complement to any kitchen.

An ideal knife for filleting smaller fish, the Marttiini Superflex Fillet 4” Blade Knife features an exceptionally flexible stainless steel blade that offers superior precision. This one’s a beauty with the Marttiini signature etched into the blade and carved handle. For the chef well versed in preparing fish, the Marttiini Martef Fishing Knife has a sharp, narrow blade for easy filleting with a serrated back of blade for removing scales. The blade is coated with Martef, a titanium-based slippery non-stock coating similar to Teflon, enabling smooth slicing.

Whatever level of chef your gift recipient is, you’re bound to find the best kitchen knives to gift a chef at Knives of the North.