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Bushcraft Knives by Wood Jewel

 Bushcraft Knives by Wood Jewel, fox in the woods

Beauty in the Wild

Bushcraft knives by Wood Jewel

Wood Jewel bushcraft knives – where beauty, quality craftsmanship and functionality merge.

Wilderness survival, or bushcraft, requires the highest quality bushcraft knife available. Wood Jewel knives are manufactured north of the Arctic Circle in Finland and are built to do their job in the extreme wild. Highly functional knives, Wood Jewel bushcraft knives are also beautifully crafted using the traditional materials of curly birch wood and reindeer antler. Collectors, survivalists and traditionalists can all appreciate their value.

A true example of superior craftsmanship, the Wood Jewel Leuku with Elk Engraving Knife is intended for heavier-duty wilderness tasks with a beefy, sturdy handle and strong carbon steel blade. A work of art ready for work in the wild. Beautifully engraved with bear paw prints on the blade and a roaring standing bear on the handle and sheath, the Wood Jewel Leuku with Bear Engraving Knife is stunning. Don’t let its sensitive artistic side fool you – this knife is built tough with a solid curly birch handle and brawn carbon steel blade. A larger camp knife designed in the style of the traditional camp knife of the Sami, indigenous peoples of Scandinavia, the Wood Jewel Leuku Black Knife is designed for serious wilderness chores such as building shelter, skinning and chopping wood. You won’t be left in the dark and cold with the Wood Jewel Knife with Fire Stick. This carving knife comes complete with a fire striker that neatly tucks into its own spot in the engraved leather sheath. Ready for double the work, the Wood Jewel Leuku/Puukko Knife Set has two strong knives in one sheath and is ready for action. All in all, bushcraft knives by Wood Jewel and built for the wild, beautifully.

At Knives of the North, we are dedicated to providing the best bushcraft knives by Wood Jewel. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect Wood Jewel bushcraft knife that fits your bushcraft adventures.