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Knives For Springtime Small Game Hunting

 Two wild turkeys in field, knives for springtime small game hunting

Precision Knives for Small Game

Wood Jewel knife with leather sheath on fur pelt

In many parts of the U.S., Springtime hunting season offers a variety of small game hunting opportunities such as wild turkey, pheasant, squirrel, rabbit, and crow. New York state even issues hunting licenses for snapping turtles! With increased small animal activity in the Spring, squirrel hunting has become the most popular hunting pursuit in the nation. Overall, squirrel hunting comes in at number three for popularity trailing behind whitetail deer and wild turkey.

No matter what time of year you're hunting, small game requires a smaller knife for dressing and skinning and Knives of the North carries a variety of knives well suited for small game with blade lengths averaging 2” – 4”. The Wood Jewel Rainbow Knife is a solid hunting and camping knife featuring a stout and strong carbon steel blade. Its distinctive handle is made of reindeer antler with rainbow banding made from stacked layers of painted wood.

An updated design of Mora’s traditional Swedish utility knife, the Mora New Classic No. 1/0 Knife showcases a sleek design that has withstood the test of time and is a go-to hunting knife with a 3” high carbon steel blade. A sturdy plastic sheath embossed with a unique design will keep your knife safe.

Built to make draw cuts more comfortable, the Wood Jewel Opening Knife is a handy gutting knife with the blade mounted opposite to the contour of the curly birch handle. Adding durability, the full-length tang is evident by the brass nut on the pommel.

For fine detailed tasks requiring a smaller sharp blade, the Mora Precision Stainless Knife is one for consideration. With a narrow stainless steel blade, this knife is designed for fine work.

The Järvenpää Junki Black Nickel Silver Knife is a strong, nimble knife with a high carbon steel blade. The curly birch handle has been painted black and has beautiful complementary design details in the nickel silver ferrules. An all-purpose hunting knife well suited to small game hunting, this Junki and sheath make for one nice package.

Originally crafted for the elderly to chop their food after loosing their teeth, the Roselli Grandmother Knife has an alternate knife purpose for processing small game. Made in Finland, Roselli knives are well known for their durable and sharp ultra high carbon steel blades.

Knives of the North sells many variations and brands of Scandinavian knives: Järvenpää knives, Brisa knives, Marttiini knives, Ahti knives, Condor knives, Mora knives, Roselli knives, Strømeng knives, River Traders knives, and Wood Jewel Knives.

We’re confident you’ll find the best quality knives for small game hunting at Knives of the North.