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Marttiini Fishing Knives For Sale

 Marttiini fishing knives for sale at Knives of the North

Quality Fishing Knives from Finland

Fishing knives manufactured by Marttiini

Most fishermen will agree a quality fishing knife sure makes a day of fishing go smoother and allows for more time for fun. At Knives of the North, we carry quality Scandinavian fishing knives with a large selection of Marttiini fishing knives for sale. Manufactured in Finland, Marttiini fishing knives are known for their extraordinarily sharp and flexible blades that make filleting a breeze. The knives are precision tools designed to perfectly follow the contours of the fish. Marttiini blades and handles are also artfully crafted making the knives works of art that can take on any fishing task.

The star of the show is the Marttiini Martef Fishing Knife featuring a very sharp, narrow blade with a serrated back blade for removing scales, making this a very efficient filleting tool. Another notable feature of this blade is that it is coated with Martef, a titanium-based slippery non-stick coating similar to Teflon which prevents drag and ensures easy slicing. The handle is designed to prevent slippage with a textured rubberized handle with a finger guard and hooked pommel.

A work of art that is a reliable multi-functional tool for fishermen is the Marttiini Salmon Filleting Knife. In addition to the long, slender, flexible stainless steel blade, the curly birch handle is topped off with a beautifully crafted bronze salmon head pommel. When safely tucked away in the simple black leather sheath, the salmon head mini-sculpture is artfully exposed.

The Marttiini Fisherman's Knife is a classic, sturdy, all-in-one knife. The sharp, narrow blade makes filleting easy and the serrated back of the blade is designed for removing scales. One blade for multiple tasks. Allowing for a secure grip, the handle is composed of textured rubberized plastic with a finger guard and hooked pommel. 

The exceptionally slender profile of the Marttiini Martef Salmon Fillet 7.5” Blade Knife enables tight twists and turns while cleaning fish. For a smooth glide, the blade is coated with Martef, a titanium-based coating similar to Teflon.

For larger fish, the Marttiini Condor Golden Trout Fillet 9” Blade Knife sports a long, flexible stainless steel blade that is of ample length for filleting the “big ones”. As with all Marttiini fishing knives, the Marttiini signature is etched onto the blade.

The Marttiini Lapp Knife with Guard is a smaller knife that’s one big package. The stainless steel blade is etched with the Martiini signature and a woodland fishing scene. The curly birch handle has an unusual feature of a slight finger guard. The woodland scene etched into the blade is also stamped into the leather sheath to complete the full package.

But there’s more! Knives of the North sells many Marttiini Scandinavian fishing knives. We’re confident we’ll have the best Marttiini fishing knife that enhances all your fishing adventures.