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River Traders Knives For Sale

 River Traders knives for sale, river rapids

Recreations from the American Colonial Period

River Traders knives for sale at Knives of the North

River Traders “trade knives” are handmade reproductions of the styles of knives that would have been made during the American Colonial period. These styles were especially appreciated by the French Colonial fur traders. Conveniently, the blades of these knives were sometimes used in trading with the Native Americans since they were unable to fashion metal products on their own. These “trade knives” because a sort of currency as the Native Americans would rely on the European traders for their metal items, knives being one of the more practical and popular trading items.

A prominent feature of River Traders knives is the pattern on the blade which is the effect of heat treating the blades. The result is a pattern created that is similar to Damascus Steel. The full tang knife handles are polished stained maple, and a hand-crafted leather sheath is included with each knife. These are pretty nifty knives from a historical and function viewpoint.

The River Traders Lewis and Clark Knife is designed after a knife used during their historic expedition and features a long gentle curve blade profile with a sharp drop point at the tip. Pretty cool. Ample to tackle the wilds, the River Traders Voyager Knife with a 9” blade is ideal for skinning and butchering larger game. For more delicate tasks, the River Traders Small Knife, with a leather cord attached to the sheath, is ideal to carry around the neck for easy access. An interesting specimen for an historical enthusiast or re-enactor, the River Traders Knife and Fork set is a practical choice.

Imagine voyaging down the river hundreds of years ago and check out our selection of River Traders knives for sale.