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Stromeng Scandinavian Knives For Sale

 Stromeng Scandinavian knives for sale

Handcrafted in Norway

Stromeng Scandinavian knives for sale

Knives of the North sells high quality Scandinavian knives by several manufacturers. All the way from the far north near the Arctic Circle in Norway, comes Strømeng knives.

The Strømeng family began making knives in Karasjok over 200 years ago! Karasjok, Norway is the traditional homeland of the Lapplander people, or Sami. The Sami regard knifemaking as a family tradition. Fathers teach their sons the craft and techniques of knifemaking to continue the family legacy. 

A prominent feature of Strømeng knives, the handles are large and long which offers stability when working while wearing gloves or mittens. Wide and thin blades are excellent for slicing and strength. Leuku knives (leuku is the Sami word for knife) are all-purpose knives perfectly built for butchering game, skinning a hide, cutting firewood, woodworking, and other camping or outdoor tasks.

Knives of the North offers a wide collection of Strømeng knives of Norway in stock, so you can select the right one for your needs. The Strømeng Deluxe Puukko knife sports a beautiful handle made of stacked layers of curly birch and reindeer antler. Double your capabilities with the Strømeng Double Leuku and Puukko knife which combines a larger leuku and a smaller puukko in the same sheath. For a solid all-around camping or utility knife, you can’t miss with the Strømeng Old Fashion knife.

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