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Ahti Scandinavian Knives For Sale

 Ahti Scandinavian knives for sale at Knives of the North

A Legacy of Traditional Knife Making from Kauhava, Finland

Ahti Scandinavian knives

Kauhava, Finland is the home of Ahti knives. For centuries, knife making has been the traditional industry of this small Finnish town and its name is often recognized because of the knives made there. Reino Kamppila and his son operate a fourth-generation family business of knife making in Kauhava, which is where Ahti knives are manufactured. Ahti knives are known for their excellent quality and workmanship. Dependable knives, their many varieties of shapes and sizes can be purchased at Knives of the North.

The Ahti Kaato Leukupuukko Knife is a medium sized knife suited for skinning, chopping, butchering or any other wilderness task. Kaato means “Autumn” and this knife harvests features of the two most traditional Scandinavian knife designs, the puukko and the leuku, for a beautiful blend. A traditional design for a larger Scandinavian knife, the Ahti Leuku 145mm Knife features a larger and wider blade than most. The large handle is an ample grip for larger hands and is well suited for heavier tasks. An all-around utility knife, the Ahti Metsapuukko RST Knife with a stainless steel blade works very well for lighter tasks. A knife tailored for butchering or heavy-duty camp tasks, the Ahti Leuku 180mm Knife is a solid choice with its long, wide blade and large, long handle. A must-have for the serious outdoorsman.  

Supporting Kauhava, Finland’s legacy of knife making, check out our selection of Ahti Scandinavian knives for sale.