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Luxury Wedding Gifts

 Knives are great luxury wedding gifts, bride and groom hands with rings

Elegant and Beautifully Crafted Gifts

Luxury wedding gifts, engraved knife over champagne pour

Luxury can be defined as something that is not essential but is desirable and often expensive. But luxury can mean different things to different people. At Knives of the North, luxury is a reflection of the many elegant and beautifully crafted Scandinavian knives we offer for sale that are excellent and unique choices of luxury wedding gifts for the couple who deserves the best.

A gorgeous knife worthy of a prominent display is the Marttiini Lapp Knife. This knife is 17” of artistry with a stainless steel blade that is etched with exquisite woodland camping scenes. The leather sheath that houses this knife also features woodland scenes along its entire length. Definitely a memorable gift and conversation piece.

For the outdoorsy and adventurous wedding couple who appreciate quality, the Ahti Varrapuukko Knife is a beautifully crafted knife that is built for outdoor tasks without compromising fine craftsmanship. The rich luxurious leather sheath that accompanies this knife is stamped with unique artwork and features a brass band at the top. Another outdoor centric knife for a couple who appreciates luxury in the wild, is the Järvenpää Härmä Knife in Red. The focal point of this gorgeous knife is the expertly carved curly birch wood handle painted red and accented with brass fittings. This knife feels luxurious in the hand. A fine detail, the carbon steel blade is lightly inscribed with the Iisakki Järvenpää signature. Very attractive.

An opulent knife set that is perfectly suited for the outdoors yet feels quite at home on display is the Järvenpää Kauhava Horse Head Double Knife. Both knives in this ensemble have metal pommels cast into the shape of a horse's head with handles made of stacked layers of birch bark which has been lacquered and polished smooth. These knives feel as luxurious as they look.

Roselli makes many unique knives well suited for luxury wedding gifts with two in particular that feature ultra-high carbon steel blades, distinctive curly birch and reindeer antler and fur. The Roselli Grandfather Deluxe Knife with Reindeer/Wooden Sheath has a sheath wrapped in soft reindeer fur. The Roselli UHC Hunting Nalle Knife is rich in color and decorated in reindeer antler. Both knives are well designed and manufactured for the outdoors but are also excellent showpieces.

Any of these knives can be purchased in sets of two – one for each of the newlyweds!

Our high-quality Scandinavian knives make a unique luxury wedding gift for the couple who has everything. Knives of the North carries a large variety of superior-crafted Scandinavian knives that are of the highest quality, enabling you to choose a perfect luxury wedding gift. All our Scandinavian knives feature blades made of high-quality steel and most with beautiful and practical sheathes. Our knives can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Knives of the North sells many variations and brands of Scandinavian knives: Järvenpää knives, Brisa knives, Marttiini knives, Ahti knives, Condor knives, Mora knives, Roselli knives, Strømeng knives, River Traders knives, and Wood Jewel Knives.

We’re confident you’ll find a luxury wedding gift for the couple who demands the best. Can’t decide? Let the newlyweds choose with a Knives of the North gift card!