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Wood Jewel Scandinavian Knives For Sale

 Wood Jewel Scandinavian knives for sale

Built Tough North of the Arctic Circle, Finland

Wood Jewel Scandinavian knives for sale

Knives of the North sells high quality Scandinavian knives by several manufacturers, including Wood Jewel. Wood Jewel knives are made in the far north of Finland, north of the Arctic Circle, in the small town of Kolari, Finland. 

Founded by Kauko Raatiniemi, the knives are designed to be beautiful as well as highly functional, using the traditional handle materials of curly birch wood and reindeer antler. Each knife is a beautiful and unique work of art!

For instance, the Leuku with Bear Engraving knife features intricately detailed images of a standing bear engraved in both the knife and sheath. The Wood Jewel Zebra Mushroom knife has a sculpted handle made of layers upon layers of stained wood that has been shaped to strategically reveal unique patterns. The Wood Jewel Reindeer Herder knife is a great camping or outdoors knife with a longer and wider blade. The handle is made from curly birch and reindeer antler. Both functional and fine! Honoring the brand’s homeland, the Suomi Finland Anniversary knife is a great collectable with a handle designed to look like the flag of Finland.

Knives of the North offers a wide selection of Wood Jewel knives that knife collectors, survivalists, and traditionalists alike can appreciate.