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Condor Knives For Sale

 Condor knives for sale

Authentic Beauty and Function

Condor knives for sale, Cavelore and Blue River Skinner knives

Condor Tool & Knife offers a unique line of high-quality and ornately designed tools for those who love the outdoors. Condor knives for sale from Knives of the North are made to the highest technical specifications and will last a lifetime.

Condor Tool & Knife traces its roots to 1787, when the Gebr Weyesberg Company was founded in Solingen, Germany. Solingen became the cutlery capital of the world due to the quality knives manufactured there. In 1964, the Gebr Weyesberg Company erected a production facility in Santa Ana, El Salvador complete with state-of-the-art German equipment and local workers trained by employees from Solingen, Germany.

Condor Tool & Knife was born in 2004 to manufacture a line of quality tools specifically for the North American and European outdoor markets. Knives of the North proudly carries an impressive variety of Condor knives for sale.

The Condor Cavelore Knife features a high-carbon steel blade with a hammered flint finish and bushcraft profile. Its Ancient design is reminiscent of what a Neolithic cave dweller may have made. A gorgeous tribute to Viking Era knives, the Condor Norse Dragon Seax Knife is created in the classic seax profile of 1095 high-carbon steel. The hickory handle is carved and burned with a Celtic knotwork pattern. Stunning. Don’t let the beautiful craftsmanship of the Condor Blue River Skinner Knife fool you. As a functional work of art with a walnut and turquoise handle and stainless steel blade, this knife is a precise skinning tool. Harkening back to the Viking Era, the condor Mini Indigenous Puukko Knife features an antique blade finish, walnut handle carved and burned with a Celtic knotwork pattern and wire-wrap inset, with a leather sheath detailed with stamped artwork. Not one to miss.

Shop the full line of Condor knives and see their impressive beauty and function for yourself.