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Choosing the Best Fishing Knife

 Choosing the Best Fishing Knife, trout swimming in river

Use the Best to Lure the Best

Mora, Marttiini and Roselli fishing knives

No matter where you’re fishing – in a backyard pond, secluded river, or out on the open ocean - fishing is a sport that requires a quality fishing knife that’s up to performing several tasks. Knives of the North sells a large assortment of quality fishing knives, making choosing the best fishing knife a breeze. It’s recommended that a fisherman packs a good fishing knife, or a few, when packing for a fishing outing. There’s plenty of work to be done before, during and after catching fish.

Fishing line is strong and durable, and every fisherman has a story to tell about tangled or stuck lines. Don’t be stuck without cutting power! The Roselli Heimo 4” Bushcraft Knife is a strong knife ready to serve with the ability to cut through wire. Another fine option is the Marttiini Lapp Knife with Guard that is both nimble and strong.

Fish aren’t going to be attracted to an empty hook. Lure them in with fresh cut bait. A good bait knife will make the task of prepping bait much easier and less messy. The Mora Fishing Comfort 90 Knife has a shorter, semi-flexible blade with a razor-sharp edge that neatly cuts through bait. The rubberized plastic handle with front guard and hooked pommel offers a firm grip, even when wet.

If you plan to keep your catch, a fishing knife with a strong handle and sharp blade is a must to render the fish lifeless as quickly as possible. The Wood Jewel Fillet Knife Big is very functional with a very long, flexible stainless steel blade and a curly birch handle with hooked pommel to prevent the knife from slipping out of your hand. The reindeer antler accents on the handle are quite nice.

Choosing the best fishing knife for skinning and filleting is easy at Knives of the North and we have many to select from. The Marttiini Martef Fishing Knife is a fantastic all-in-one fishing knife. It has a very sharp, narrow blade with a serrated back blade for removing scales. One super feature is the blade is coated with Martef, a titanium-based slippery non-stick coating similar to Teflon. This coating prevents drag and ensures easy slicing. The Marttiini Basic Fillet Knife in Green is a reliable choice. The 7.5” stainless steel blade works well for filleting and the rubberized plastic handle offers a good grip. This knife is lightweight, reducing wrist fatigue over a long haul of filleting.

Some may say the best part of fishing comes last at the campfire. The Roselli Heimo 4” Bushcraft Knife with Firesteel is a strong knife ready to serve and this knife comes with a bonus firesteel to help start a fire to cook your catch. The fishing knife that has it all, the Järvenpää Fish Knife Multipurpose features a multi-purpose blade shaped for gutting fish with a saw-edge for removing scales. This knife even has a bottle opener on the back of the blade to help you celebrate a successful day of fishing!

Knives of the North sells many variations and brands of Scandinavian fishing knives: Järvenpää knives, Marttiini knives, Mora knives, Roselli knives, and Wood Jewel Knives.

When choosing the best fishing knife, look to Knives of the North. We sell the best fishing knives that are of the highest quality and perform exceptionally well. We’re confident you’ll choose the best fishing knife that enhances all your fishing adventures.